Stylebar Policies

Self Employed

If you have an appointment with a self-employed member of staff, please refer to their specific policies regarding appointments, cancellations, and refunds. This clause applies to all services provided by self-employed staff members.



All deposits made for appointments are non-refundable. By booking an appointment, you acknowledge and agree that the deposit amount is non-refundable under any circumstances.


Changes to your appointment

In the event that a scheduled appointment is changed with less than 72 hours’ notice, the client will be charged for the original service that was initially booked. This charge will apply regardless of the reason for the change or rescheduling.


Appointment Cancellation

Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance or 7 days if the appointment is over 2 hours, or a party with more than 2 people. Deposits may be taken for all Extensions and colour appointments, appointments over 2 hours and for group bookings of 2 or more people. On occasion you may be required to make full payment in advance for high value appointments and Bank Holidays. Deposits are non-refundable. We recommend you make your reservations well in advance to avoid the disappointment of not being able to get booked in at a desired time with your chosen Stylist.


No Shows

If you do not show up to three appointments, you will be required to pay in advance.


Arrival Time

We advise you to arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow for parking and to allow time for any pre-treatment consultations or procedures that may be necessary.


Late Arrival

Our scheduling permits the correct amount of time to complete your service. If you expect to be late to your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible. If you arrive 15 minutes late, your appointment will be rescheduled. This is to ensure our client’s scheduled appointments stay on track.


Medical Conditions and Special Requirements

Prior to receiving your treatments, please inform us about any special requirements or medical conditions, pregnancy, injuries, allergies, or disabilities. This will help customise your service to ensure the highest satisfaction and benefits.



If you have a potentially contagious condition or illness (signs of chickenpox or lice for example) we cannot provide services to you until said condition has fully cleared up. We also cannot perform services if open or infected wounds are present. If you have a suspect illness, please notify us before the service begins, and we will advise you on whether or not services can be legally and safely performed.



We love to do children’s hair! However, unattended children in the salon can be disruptive and dangerous. We use many products that are harmful if ingested or applied to unprotected skin. If you have children under 10 who are not receiving services, where possible please keep them safe and leave them at home with a sitter. Children under the age of 15 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Children under the age of 16 will not be allowed any hair colouring services and/or any chemical treatments.



All clients, prior to their hair service, will have a consultation with their stylist discussing hair history, requirements and expectations.
All new clients are required to have a patch test, a minimum of 48 hours, prior to their appointment. Patch tests are only valid for 6 months so you may be required to have another test even if you’ve had a colour in the salon previously.
If you are pregnant, you will be required to have a patch test before every colour appointment throughout your pregnancy.



Fantastic hair can only be created by us with your feedback. If you are unhappy with any service in the salon, there is always a solution. Any service you feel has not been carried out with the greatest care and attention must be brought to our attention as soon as possible.
At the end of your hair service, please discuss any issues/queries you may have with your Stylist/Salon Manager. Once you have left the salon, please allow 24 hours to adjust. We then allow 7 days from your original appointment date for any rectifications to be made. Anything other than is and thereafter is chargeable.
If you go to another salon in the meantime, your guarantee with us will be void.



If you are not happy with your hair, please make us aware of it before you pay. We will adjust it to your satisfaction, adhering to terms discussed in your consultation, at the stylists next available opportunity.
Absolutely no refunds will be given after you have left the salon.


Mobile Phones

Please be respectful of the people around you who are trying to relax during their hair treatments. Set your phone to vibrate, and use a moderate speaking tone if you need to make a call.

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service To:

• Anyone with a scalp condition that we suspect may be contagious, in ill health or we fear could be further harmed by our services
• Anyone with open or infected wounds on the treatment area
• Anyone more than 15 minutes late for an appointment
• Rude, mean, threatening or disrespectful people



For your safety, and ours, our premises are monitored with digital video surveillance.



We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings.