Our Chosen Charity

At The Stylebar our commitment to making a positive impact is channeled through a singular focus on our chosen charity, The Children’s Hospital Charity. By donating £6000 every year (£500 per month), we consistently contribute to support their noble cause, ensuring a sustained and meaningful impact on the lives of children.

Additional Support through Fundraisers

In addition to our steadfast commitment, we actively engage in fundraisers, with our companies collectively donating between £3000 and £5000. These funds, generated through various initiatives and events, further strengthen our dedication to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

About Children’s Champions

“Since the programme began, our Children’s Champions have helped to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for Sheffield Children’s. Starting as a small group of philanthropic individuals, the programme has grown into the exclusive membership club it is today.

Our Children’s Champions donate monthly or annually towards enhancements to the hospital, funding specialist equipment, vital research and brand-new, state of the art facilities.”

Our Current Philanthropic Focus

While we are dedicated to our partnership with The Children’s Hospital Charity, we currently do not seek additional charities to support. Our current focus is on maximizing the impact of our contributions and maintaining a streamlined approach to charity.

Thank You for Understanding

How Children’s Champions are changing lives

Intraoperative 3T MRI Scanner

The first project for the Children’s Champions, was a life-saving 3T MRI Scanner. The scanner gives surgeons clearer images when scanning and operating on children, meaning they can be more precise where millimetres matter. In children with a brain tumour the full resection of a tumour is in effect a cure.

Multipurpose Fluoroscopy

The Multipurpose Fluoroscopy is designed to quickly spot blockages to blood flow. The system allows our radiologists to see moving x-rays, providing rapid diagnosis when every second counts. This piece of equipment is the gold standard for treating vascular trauma and is right here as Sheffield Children’s.


Thanks to the support of Children’s Champions, nine new integrated operating theatres were funded for Sheffield Children’s. The new integrated equipment will help world-leading surgeons share their knowledge by enabling operations to be broadcast internationally.

New Cancer and Leukaemia Ward

In 2022, they opened a new Cancer and Leukaemia Ward. The ward was expanded to create bigger bedrooms, communal spaces and make the ward brighter and more modern. The new war features a teen room, play room with immersive technology, parents room with space for parents to relax and cook meals, and more ensuite private bedrooms.

“I take immense pride in our commitment as Children’s Champions. It is a profound honor to witness the tangible impact our contributions have made on the remarkable endeavors at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. As a parent, the knowledge that the hospital is operating at its very best when families need it most is genuinely humbling. Our dedication to supporting the hospital persists, and we aim to further build upon the legacy established by the Children’s Champions.”

– Cherise Hatfield