E4's Super salon

Stylebar in Banner Cross has been dubbed the city’s first blow out bar – where customers can sip cocktails and champagne while getting their hair done – and the comings and goings and venue’s ‘colourful’ characters will feature in new E4 series The Super Salon.

– The Star

Sheffield-based salon, the StyleBar, is opening it’s doors to the nation by starring in it’s own reality TV series on E4, revealing the trials and triumphs that come with running such a business.

– Scratch Magazine

The Super Salon is an ‘access all areas’ four-part series following the antics and shenanigans of Sheffield mega salon, The StyleBar.

From the staff arguments to the many client makeovers, the bizarre promotions to the wild parties – we get to see it all!

– Realitytitbit.co.uk

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent evenings getting ready for a night out when your hair just refuses to do what it’s told. I tend to find I can’t get it to curl how I want it to, or I’ll have grand plans for a gorgeous up-do – but end up with arm ache in a sea of hair grips trying to sort it out. So, I was intrigued when Exposed sent me to check out new salon, The Style Bar, the first American style ‘blow-out’ bar to open in Sheffield.

– Exposed Magazine