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Straight To The Point

A classic finish to give a give a glass-like finish and an ultra-lengthening look.


Warning: this maine will make the boys experience a loss of coordination and weakness of the knees. If you want your date to pick up the bill, this is the style of choice…..

Red Carpet

Smooth tresses with lots of body and gentle arcs toward the neckline. J-lo at her heartbreaking best. A must do for cocktails or an espresso induced shopping sesh.

South Beach

Sensual and innocent at the same time is the perfectly messy beach waves you only get from a day at the beach or stylebar.


Romantic soft curls with a gentle volume will make sure that “Jolene wont take your man”

Summer Fling

Flirtatiously pinned to the side, these relaxed “South Beach” waves coupled with romantic soft volume make for a look that’s no fuss and all hair lust.

The Fierce

Tap into your alter ego for a night on the town. tousled, angulated, deliciously disheveled, cue smoke machines…curl power

Vintage Hollywood

This is the classic Hollywood siren look… Graceful and elegant sleek waves a style that has been coveted for decades the current celeb favourite.